The 27 Hour

Once Arthur Frommer said “At its best, travel should challenge our preconceptions and most cherished views, cause us to rethink our assumptions, shake us a bit, make us broader minded and more  understanding”. The last trip we had certainly did that for most of us in this trip. Actually for me it’s a regular habit, most of my travel’s started simply and then gradually becomes complex one. Also after each trip i took, I just swear not to go again on any such trek. For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. So again and again, I am still going on such trek’s. And I am delighted that I always have such a group of friend’s who keeps flames of travelling alive in me, with each trek having something new in it.


Once more on our adventure brave and new. “We have had an unspeakably delightful journey, one of those journeys which seem to divide one’s life in two, by the new ideas they suggest and the new views of interest they open” lines quoted by George Eliot somewhere around 19th century. But this was the idea that the guide told me when we are slightly late from our scheduled and the night was coming.


“At its best, travel should challenge our preconceptions and most cherished views, cause us to rethink our assumptions, shake us a bit, make us broader minded and more understanding”. Seriously this trek is the one which is going to do this for all of us.


Let’s get introduced to characters at first. In total we are 15 and three support staff including the guide.

1. Sudhir (trek planner and organiser)

2. Saurabh (Time taker & Critic’s)

3. Dolly (The first timer)

4. Shivani (The talking girl)

5. Rahul (The first timer)

6. Subham (The slippery men and songs db)

7. Jiju (Dont know the actual name)

8. Gautam (The helper)

9. Vrushali (another first timer)

10. Ashutosh (The Lord)

11. Amit

12. Prathmesh

13. Manish Bhatiya

14. Bhai (Name Unknown)

15. Me (The frustated trekker)


“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer,to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life”  from The secret life of walter mitty, a classic story of a day-dreamer who escapes his anonymous life by disappearing into a world of fantasies . I just watched the movie two weeks before  and i have never expected to be in one of such adventures so soon.  Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember; and I remember more than I have seen. So in this post we will Crawl , Walk and then Run in those moments.


The man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.


Do not be mistaken that i was too much excited about the Trek, I was not.  Last week are too much busy, and the next week is also going to be. So i worked late last night, and wanted to cover some during the weekend. But we needed to go to Vasota some 300 + km distance so need to wake up in the morning.

4:00 AM;18/01/2014 : sharp the Alarm started ringing, but I was not in the mood to wake up so snoozed that up. Again in 10 min it started ringing again. So  woke up at around 4.20 , and freshens up.  Rahul (My roommate) also woke up, so i just asked him if he is coming or not. He also confirmed to come.

4:56 AM;18/01/2014: Called Saurabh (hoping he will be behind time as always and i can sleep more) But they are also ready. So i asked them to bring the Traveller to near my house to pick up. So  we required to be ready in 15 min.

5:15 AM;18/01/2014: Came down of the apartment  and its foggy around. Like the nature is saying to us , just go back to room and sleep more.  Surely I have done that if Rahul is not coming with us.

5:15 AM;18/01/2014: Waiting for the traveler to come to our left.  But nothing comes for 5 min. Suddenly a traveler comes from Right (thought that they lost the way and coming from other side). We gave the hand for that to stop, but it speeding past us. And then e realize it is the employees vehicle of some it companies.

5:25 AM;18/01/2014: So now we moved toward the pickup point from our locality. Vrushali and Subham were standing there across the road. So around 5:30 the Traveler come and the trip begain’s.


Around 6:30 near some where PUNE-SATARA highway.In total we are 15 in count and we were hungry. So we stopped in  a place to have some coffee. The Uncle were slightly Rude. The y rudely refused our request to make maggi. So we only have the option to have coffee and tea. He also not allowed me to sit over the table. There we have Introduction with each other. The one person was missing , So we simpliy called him “Bhai” .


The again started a tiring journey of  4 hours. Sometime we played Antakshri for 2 hours some stops for breakfast and collecting food for the Trip. There were only Three things notable in this period.

  1. The singing of Subham , Every time he have a song, and the comment form Saurabh to not to sing in about his singing.
  2. The breakfast time  in between, everyone was hungry. Also we were able to shoot some pictures.
  3. We collected the food for the trip and two person also come to carry that for us.


11:25 AM;18/01/2014: At last we reached the  Bamnoli , our base village  to reach Vasota. But after reaching there we came to know that Vasota trek is closed due to tiger counting in that region. So our plan got changed and we choose the forest trek out of two choices that our guides gave to us.


A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.


So after taking some pictures in the Bamnoli and some catching practice we are back on the road. At around 12:30 we reached the place to start the trek.  And everyone is searching for sun scream to protect the skin from sunburn.


Arriving at each new place, the traveler finds again a past of his that he did not know he had: the foreignness of what you no longer are or no longer possess lies in wait for you in foreign, unpossessed places.


So we are on top of a mountain in a small village all ready to start the trek. We have taken the route trough the village going down through stepwise plot of land. In between came to know that there was a tiger active and one cow was killed by tiger three days before.

 12:20 PM;18/01/2014 : Descending  the mountain step by step and the threat of tiger also in mind. In some area I found foot prints totally different in size and that looks like of tiger and  I Am just talking to one or two person whose footprint could  be like that. Any ways we are descending down from the hill and way is looking too much steep.



12:30 PM;18/01/2014 : We hit the dead end on our route. the slope is too much and would not be feasible for us to take that route. So we waited for some minutes till our guide searched for other route. They done some permutation and combination in the mind. We all are on a differnet Trek.


Travellers are just commuters with a wider perspective. So we accepted the correction and followed them.

12:50 PM;18/01/2014 :  We hit the first tough patch of our trip. That was a small patch. We have some difficulty one or two person slips but overall its manageable.  But it was just a trailer of what is going to follow.


1:30 PM;18/01/2014 :  ” There is a hundred feet dangerous slope ahead.” said by Saurabh  from the front of the queue.  Quickly 1545183_10151902884041545_1188283752_nremember the queue here Guide, Driver, Saurabh, Shivani, Amit , Dolly, guide2, Vrushali, Sudhir, Me, Rahul,Ashutosh, Shubham, jiju,bhai,Prathmesh,Gautam and Manish.  So we sincerly walked for another 10 to 10 min but the route remain dangerous. We are going slowly in a zig zag fashion down the mountain. The destination is still to much away. Every time we thought that the roughest slope is gone we find another one. It’s  like recursion, calling dangerous slope recursively itself. So let’s make a formula.


static int time #use public if somthing is wrong # not good in c #

dangerous_slope (“100 feet”) {

time ++

set step_taken 0

    for  (i=0,i<=100;i++) {



if {step_taken==100 &&time<=6} {

dangerous_slope (“100 feet”)



So after repeating the itself 6 to seven time the steep walk come to an end. Its dangerous and tough. For me it’s tougher. Because every now and then i have to listen from Saurabh, “which kind of pahadi you are if you are walking by taking support and walking slowly and descending sitting and not walking”.  I am not able to convince them that if you are living in the mountain you never take such a route which is never used, other than some excetional caondition’s, which generally i nver faced. Also the route will be nade proper stepwise due to the efforts of generation before.    Also the trek which we were trekking is having too much grass which is making the surface slippery and making hard to guess which kind of surface is beneath.


Hopefully ” all went well ” we reached safely to another stop. before reaching completely down from the mountain. It was a startegic break and to decide what to do of two choices avaliable.


2:10 PM;18/01/2014 : Now the two person from support staff gave us two proposition to choose from:

  1. Either we travel to much fast and come before 6:00 PM to same location and trek up to the place where our vehicle is standing.
  2. The one person from support staff will take the driver up and bring the vehicle down to the nearest village, forget the name let’s call that Aamnoli.

So , i was very much sure not to go through the same route again. So i said to take the second option. Go down Eat food and go again. Oon counting we defeated the option first 9:6 votes.

So out of 18 person two left for bringing the vehicle to nearest possible place.

2:30 PM;18/01/2014 :We reached the ground level some slips, some hurt but reached safely just below the mountain. But still have a long 20140118_130518way to go. We started playing there but the guide told we still need to cover some ground to reach another base point around the river where we will sit and eat.  We reached there and the thought’s that we are able to descend that much is overwhelming.


I was happy but don’t know that we need to go more. After all the other reached the same point we came to know that we need to walk some more distance.


So we again started moving  after some 10 to 15 min we were near plain fields right next to the flowing river where we stopped for some second. Everyone was tired and everyone was hungry.  But first thing we do is to go down in the flowing river and sit for some second just resting after so much exhaustion. I think the trek was over at this point. The first point where I think the trek was over. Maybe someone else also thought, don’t know about that.


3:00 PM;18/01/2014 : At last we found some place to relax and more importantly we are eating food. So we ate the food and its felt delicious after so much hardwork we have done.  After eating we again went and sat on the stones in the river. With nice sound of water and cool water flowing underneath.


After sometime some of us went upward in the river , few started playing cricket, some were resting and Sudhir was gathering everyone to go ahead. I am not in the mood to go. At least the body was not in the condition and not wanted to go. As per newton First Law “When viewed in an inertial reference frame, an object either is at rest or moves at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by an external force“. So we were at rest so we don’t want to be in motion again.


4:00 PM;18/01/2014 : But at around 4:00 PM everyone comes, and again we are set in motion by external force, the pressure applied by Sudhir.

4:30 PM;18/01/2014 : Walking towards the forest we have to walk along the river till we reach the waterfall. The guide Mr. Sunny said that the water fall is just 10 mins far. So we walk past one field than another and then after half na hour when i asked him that we are already 10 mins over, where is the water fall. He said only 10 mins more. The 10 mins never come untill now. So the body is giving up. have a water bottle filled earlier. So only have one option rest whenever i can get it.

  “If you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

That was the situation I was going through. We have to walk along the river, jumping  from one stones to another .  Along the way I was putting too much stress  on the right foot. So right-chest got a strain.

So to overcome that I tried to go as fast as the time i can go, And then take rest for some minutes.   During the process i can cover the entire queue we  were following. Starting from Sudhir in the front to Saurabh til last.

Mr. Confused !!

In these situation one thing can make the problem far worse is someone slips on stones and hurt himself. Some person slipped over the stones  Saurabh+ , Rahul++, Sudhir+ and Subham+++++++++++ are the one(+ : no of time slipped). When Sudhir slipped I was just  in the front of the queue. The stone in between is slippery, two other person also slipped on the same stones.  So got some extra time on that point to recover.

5:00 PM;18/01/2014 : So now after somtime  other walked passed me. And I was at the last, tired. But I was not alone, I got company from Saurabh and Dolly. But where we are resting we saw a small waterfall. So I thought that the destination have arrived. So after sometime when, We reached below the water fall, I saw all other’s trying to climb a difficult patch. At that time i thought we have to go on the upper side of the fall. So in excitement tried to climb the patch to fast. When I was halfway up on that trek  the route to climb the trek is difficult. You can’t climb until you grab  something . The bushes are not that much strong and the trees are not there. So the girls went first. Then Rahul, Amit and so on. When my turn come to climb. Subham, Jatin, prathmesh were behind me. Saurabh, Dolly and Ashutosh I think were clicking picture.


When I climbed one or two step, someone just slipped and only holds some bushes and done some gymnastics to balance himself. When most of person are on halfway we are blocked by other. So Sunny climbed up helped some us to go up. So now we are past that patch safely. I know that it was a tough patch. So at-least got sometime to relax. After sometime we have to descend the other side. That was also tough but at least we have tree and some thing to holds on. So getting down is tough. But at least we manage to so that. Sudhir was the first person to go down, rahul was the second and then Iam. Subham was behind me and then others.


5:30 PM;18/01/2014 : That’s place we all know, It will not  be possible to take same route back. Sudhir was checking for alternate route. Saurabh was to busy in taking pictures, And I was relaxing, thinking that we have reached the destination. Other’s are still busy in the trek.


Pic : Relaxation + photography.

When Sudhir comes from trek and i asked did we reached destination. And he said we need to go more. We discussed to go back from the same place.


After 20 min everybody climbed down and taking some rest. We  asked the guide Mr. Sunny to go back from the same destination abut hew said the water fall is at 10 min distance. And we can comeback till 6:00 PM.

5:30 PM;18/01/2014 : When we said that we can get stuck here if we go further then Mr. Sunny said that he know another way out from the right side of mountain. So we again started to trek, I was not intrested, intitially. But i cannot go back alone from there. So i have to follow. But what i wanted to go as fast as we can go.


6:00 PM;18/01/2014 : Till this time Sudhir went from front of the queue to the back of the queue. And I want this to end soon. So i want to reach that place as soon as possible. But i need to wait for others to show them the route and take some rest occasionally. But this time when I asked sunny whem will this 10 min get reduced. He said again 10 min. So i get frustated and waited for others to come. But in less than a minute. I heard a shout only 8 min way.  This was the kind of news that can excite you at that time.  That the best news anyone can give you at that time. So after asking sudhir to bring other fast i went ahead.


6:30 PM;18/01/2014 :   The time when we reached the water fall. In between got a race with Rahul and Sunny. Not being able to defeat them. May be I was afraid of getting hurt. Got one or to time to get ahead but just got ethical at some point. But atleast reached the Waterfall at the time when we have some light.

The Water Fall : this is what iam feeling at that time.

At that time I know we are in deep problem. But the time was to enjoy. So waited till all reached there. Shot some pictures.

Been there done nothing !!

7:00 PM;18/01/2014 : Till the time we started the return, its already night. there was a threat of animals also.  So we made a queue and starting from 01 to 15.  All the girls were at the front, I was at 09 on the queue and Ashutosh was at the end.

But we had a setback at the starting point.  For reaching the point we climbed up at a point not that much difficult. But dangerous on low light condition.  We did not have any torch. Only one with Sudhir. So initially we are not using the light, so that our eyes get used to low light condition’s.

Its tough but all of us got safely down from that point. And after resting for sometime we resumed the return journey.

8:00 PM;18/01/2014 :  The return journey was weird and scary . We can’t see the route and we are only following the stream down. so that we can reach the point where we get stuck.

I was afraid, maybe some other was also afraid. But i don’t know nobody was showing the sign. The main reason for me to be afraid that in the whole group only i have the shirt with bright color. In case any animal will be there I will be the first one to be seen. So i just want to be in the middle of group.

THe picture is of day !! But we pass same on night !!
THe picture is of day !! But we pass same on night !!

We are trekking in the night by guess in the low light. Then saurabh asked to use lights of the smartphones. Someone in the back of the queue started using smartphone as torch. At starting this was making harder to concentrate , as light was flickering. So stress to eyes were increasing. Foot was hitting stones, body was hitting trees.

Its almost dark till now and we just took the rest. The sky was having too many  stars as the moon is not yet up. The star’s were looking beautiful  in the dark background. After drinking some water and filling bottle again from the stream we started again. So now three to four  flashes are on. Mr Sunny took the light and started searching for the route.

9:00 PM;18/01/2014 :  The route is dark the guide is taking us zigzag through the stream. Many time he took the wrong route. There wasa many times you need to take free fall and hope you land on correct stone. A slight mistake and you can hurt yourself.

The thinker , Thinking about what to think !!
The thinker , Thinking about what to think !!

We have one and two stops and three to four difficult patches to cover from. The way looks like it will never end. The foot starting to hurt.  Everybody want to reach home safely.  So the conspiracy theories started to arise about the time we will reach any village. At starting point someone said we will reach the  village till 9:00 PM. The estimated time to reach village is constantly increasing. the longer its taking the time to reach any village is constantly going up.

The fear started to grip step by step as the time is passing up and we are not still halfway. But most of us fear’s how will we pass that point on which we get stuck.

The way is not ending, we are passing through, rocks , going over tilting stones , some forest , in between the tree’s.  But only one thing that keep’s us moving is that we have to move. We cannot get stuck there.

Slowly and Slowly the moon was up. The moon light is slowly start to reach us. In between the way some phone battery gave up. We started using some other. We saved some of the phone’s to save the battery, As it was obvious that we will not be able to reach the village till 12:00AM.

The only hopes come from Ashutosh phone whose battery was awesome and helped us till the last point. Saurabh started to manage the smartphone battery and other thing.

In the middle to check if everything is safe  sudhir started the counting from 01 to 15.  The slight humor that we are getting with small and silly mistake that other is doing, criticizing the guide and discussing the time with which we will reach the village.

10:00 PM;18/01/2014 : We were passing very closely through the array of big rocks, slightly narrow corridor between the rocks. It felt good at least we can take support of the rocks. The person from back were lost behind so we waited for them to come.

The guide not sure what kind of way he was taking, not sure why he take the route from in between the banyan tree , when three was an alternate route available.

But after sometime we  got a field and it looks like we have covered at least one fifth of the journey back.


11:00 PM;18/01/2014 : The time we were on a clock and one by one we are crossing a steep stone.  What we have seen that we reached the stuck point. It bring’s the spirit of the entire group up.

The point to climb down to that point was slightly tricky. You have to balance tilting toward the straight rock. and then grab to put your weight up and the move horizontally to the right. So One by one everybody crossed and reached the point.  Now everyone is happy, and estimated time to reach village is about 2:00 AM in the morning.

And we started talking about difficulty of the track, how everyone feels. If anyone wants to come etc. Some of us are criticizing the guide. So again analyzing what went wrong and what we could have done.

Our expression on the place where we got stuck !!

Sudhir took some picture,(didn’t got those so cannot update.).

At this point after sometime we realize that we have no route to climb down from that point. So now we have three option to take from that point :-

  1. Sudhir proposed a route to climb down through a rock nearly ~10 ft high.
  2. Saurabh searched a route from the right side of the point, thats looks slightly difficult.
  3. The route from where we came from, not a viable option but at least we have come from that point.

So we not agree to any one point. The guide come and told if we put some courage, then we will be able to go down. Its slightly risky but manageable, some of us rejected the route. But Sudhir was to keen to try that.  They asked to collect the belt and create a rope to climb down. The group didn’t have that much belts available. The idea was going to be put down but the guide saw some hope on the root of banyan tree. He saw a strong root long enough  to reach down and try to cut it . So Ashutosh and Sunny started cutting the root with the help of stone. Till then we waited for the task to be completed.

So now we all went to see if that is possible or not. The stone  was a two step process. first small rock to climb down anyone can do that. But the next one has too steep fall nearly 10 ft.  So two or three person tried but after sometime we dropped the idea. But the root stem got stuck with us to carry forward.

So now the first plan got dropped and we moved to second route suggested by saurabh.

At same point part II
At same point part II

00:00 AM;19/01/2014 :   “For me these  ways are strange ways and new ways and old ways,And deep ways and steep ways and high ways and low;I’m at home and at ease on a track that I don’t know ,
And restless and lost on a road that I don’t know”. We are stuck for such a long time that the hunger did not have the courage to bother us. When the group come back from the failure of first attempt.

Some of us want to try the way we come at least one time. The concepts are flowing what we should do. I think everybody was discussing for the route which we can take.

“No road offers more mystery than that first one you mount from the town you were born to, the first time you mount it of your own volition, on a trip funded by your own coffee tin of wrinkled up dollars – bills you’ve saved and scrounged for, worked the all-night switchboard for, missed the Rolling Stones for, sold fragrant pot with smashed flowers going brown inside twist-tie plastic baggies for.”  So the path taken was suggested by Saurabh, He also know that the path was difficult. But we have to try each and every possible route. Also we need to keeep moving or active to keep ourself warm in the cold night. So as we are taking the second possible route, the only problem was that the area was slightly cramped at one point and the rock is taking turns like “S” at that point. So intially the girls went to cross that and all other went to help. But during that, no one could find the extra courage to walk through that point. The distance was short but no one want to take the risk of hurting.

So as we all gathered around that point around single rock, each and every person want to climb down. And there was no more place to walk. the person at the last have only one option to take the rest. We sat at stone till other tried to walk past that point.

Time was passing by faster  , the hopes were even faster.  So till now the possibility of   staying at night in the forest was upon us. So some of us talk about the possibility of staying at that point.  After a long hard fought battle with the harsh route.  The point was not agreed as the possible route.

Now we have to again cross the array of stones to the base point.  So now all the possible route is gone. The Guide has told us there was also an route in te evening so that we can cross but that was going through the forest. So now we have to take that route again.

1:00 AM;19/01/2014 : So now again back on the journey. The guide himself do not know what he was doing.  Most of us are tired till now and all are frustrated with the way guide was taking us from one point to other and vice versa at the same location. Actually we crossed same point twice or thrice.

This time we are taking the route the guide was talking about. So we again crossed the stream from the left and went across the right side of the stream and then try to climb the right side of the mountain. But we only crossed two or three stones on the way and suddenly there was a steep way to climb. So at this point we are at the end of the queue. So we waited for the front of the queue to climb. But the climb was much difficult and girls refused to go.

The guide insisted, but after discussion is was told that Some guy and Guide will climb that and check if  that is actually a way. If after putting so much effort we are not again stuck at some point and we all need to come back.

So Till the time Sudhir and Guide were searching the route. We started thinking to alternate route. Saurabh agreed and proposed that we can try to go some part back and climb the left side mountain and go to the left till we will find some other place.

After sometime when Sudhir and Guide come back. Till then the decision was done that we are not taking the route. Even if we have to stay there till morning. They come after 10 min but they are not sure about the route needed to be taken. The Guide sunny was trying to do every permutation and combination possible. But nothing was happening.  We waited more time and he searched again for some possible route.


2:00 AM;19/01/2014 : 22 hours spent without sleep. So everybody was impatient. The guide and sudhir were searching for route, now some distance before the spot where we are waiting.

And we are too much angry angry at the guide, and one thing on which all of us agree that he does not know any way out of there. He is also searching and guessing that this route will take us out.

After some time they come back and told us to get ready. Once again we tried another failed attempt. But we can not sit there. So again we created the queue as the numbering we were following. At starting the way looks all right. After sometime we were  walking zigzag in the forest, and in between the small bushes.  At a point the queue doesn’t go up. We got stuck for sometime. When i reached up. Found that there was no route take from that side and girls at the front will not be able to pass that. So till the guys from the front were helping them, we all have no way to go. So till then there was so much going on, Its not possible to explain.  I have seen more than I remember; and I remember more than I have seen. There was so much going on it impossible to write in words.  Every step you take needs too much attention. Most of our lights are gone. We have little battery left on phones. So now we only have to work on the moonlight. At some point where we need some extra care. We were using the phone flash.

As we again started to move most of us were impatient at that time so the queue get broken. And we got separated in small groups as there were small portion of land to make balance.  Again there was no route in front. So Guide was searching for route. Sudhir again went in front to search the route.  Till the time they were searching, we were sitting in groups . Again a failed attempt and the hopes were going down.

“They are showing us light” a sound  comes from behind by Saurabh. We all started seeing up. And saw that a strong flash light was on, On the mountain from where we started the journey. So everyone got excited. We tried to shout  but  that’s not enough. Then we started flashing the lights. At least they saw something. We also be able to see that that lights were started moving.  Sudhir and Sunny were still searching for route to go forward. We weer seeing the lights moving. As the lights are moving zigzag., sometimes it looks like the lights were coming down, and after sometime   it looks like they are going up.  So when it look’s again getting up we again shouts and flash lghts. After doing this two three time we were able to   hear a sound from up. And we know someone is coming to rescue us.

Now everyone is relaxed , at least we know that we will get rescued. So after sometime when Sudhir and sunny comes back they asked us to move forward and go downward to go back to he point where we got stuck. So after doing so much we again didn’t want to go at that place. Especially i was not convinced about this idea. At least from where we were sitting at that time, we can se the lights coming closer to us.  So i rejected the idea and blocked the queue for sometime till we argue which thing is better either to go down or sit there.

At last as i am not able to convince other to sit there , we move. The route was much bad ahead. We have to slip for one or two foot and then descend taking help of a root after that need to jump a height using help of a solid stone. After that crossing some woods in the way we were at  some point.  We all come down at same point one by one. Now having known  that there is a rescue team is coming we were relaxed. after sitting there we again checked that we were still some distance behind the hardest point. So we walk till that point.

Now some have great ideas they said even if someone is coming to rescue us at least we need to try descending that point.  So some guys went to try still untested route of descending  through the root. So four five guys went to try , rest sat at stones and take rest. I was also the one who was sitting.  After sometime I went to check the status of result of their effort. I went there and asked, “if it worked ?”. “No” came the response.

As I was seeing what they are doing, Saurabh climbed up the rock. And  told that the rope broke on the first testing. ” We can make rope from jeans” a sound comes from below the rock.  So they started the idea, i went back and sat till they were trying.

So i tried to waste some of my time. Tried starting fire using stones and woods, but nothing works.

3:00 AM;19/01/2014 : As one group was trying and we were talking, we saw flash and lights reaching near us. So we started shouting hello, and other loudly.  “Yes”, “We are still trying !!” what happened shouts comes from other group. They also flashed lights. So now we  were nearly rescued. So we got excited and forget all our tiredness.


So the lights come closer to us. Till that time we discussed what is the report got printed.

So they took time to come. Till then the other group climb up from the point from where they were trying. Some come up without jeans.


So, A party of three comes to rescue us. One person bare footed “whom they call Sir”, a sales manager from some company amd a teacher.

IMG_5405 IMG_5401 IMG_5400 IMG_5398

4:00 AM;19/01/2014 : During this time they helps us to descend safely down from that point. One by one each of us was safely down from that point. Than they told us that we will walk through the forest for half an hour.  We took that as one hour.


For sometime we sat on the stone’s nearby and waited for other to be rescued safely.


So again the time to walk begins. We were not able to run We walk , We were not able to walk  we crawled , but we moved.

We have some stop , when they searched for way.

We also took some u- turn even in the forest.

We  even heard sound of a  barking deer as told by them.

5:00 AM;19/01/2014 : “When you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there”.  We do not know where we were going .  So we were blindly following them. The taken us through the forest. 

Through the narrowest way.

From in between the bushes.

IN between the stream , more than 10.

We descend through some toughest way all of them together.

They showed us the village where we need to go. It was still far, very far. No matter how much we walk, It never come closer.

6:30 AM;19/0 1/2014 :Now we saw the first light of the next day.

We are walking since 26  hours + , No sign of the village. So impatiently we asked the when will the village actually come.


We were walking since that much time. We asked them we are losing hopes now. We know we will ultimately reach there but when actually. The foots were hurting so badly that we did not want to move after sitting for some seconds. The effect of newton’s first law plus gravity.

They told us the last half hours .This time we walked and walked and walked. We crossed , small stream, forest and field.

At last we were in some village.

We sat on the treveler and thanked the person  from rescue team for coming , and eated whatever we have left at that time.

Nothing can change the feeling we have at that time.

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.”

10:15 AM;19/01/2014 : IT took a four hour long journey through traveler to reach home. In the end after 3o hour journey i was at home.

Reached home safely, Feeling Good.  !! 🙂 !!


“Wanderlust, the very strong or irresistible impulse to travel, is adopted untouched from the German, presumably because it couldn’t be improved upon. Workarounds like the French passion du voyage don’t quite capture the same meaning. Wanderlust is not a passion for travel exactly; it’s something more animal and more fickle – something more like lust. We don’t lust after very many things in life. We don’t need words like worklust or homemakinglust. But travel? Anatole Broyard put it perfect in his essay Being There: Travel is like adultery: ‘One is always tempted to be unfaithful to one’s own country. To have imagination is inevitably to be dissatisfied with where you live…in our wanderlust, we are lovers looking for consummation.’” 

Elisabeth Eaves


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