Night@S the story of the first night trek I had experienced. It was not actually meant to be a night trek. We have planned to go to the trek in the morning and come back in the evening. But some of our friend’s dropped the plan of going to the trek.

So the time with which we need to go also got changed. As usual I thought that we were on time and reached the place at specified time. But the program got shifted and the time on which we left for it was already too late. We still went for the trek. There were many problem of delay but till the time we reached the base village to start trek it was already night. We started the trek around 9:00 PM and reached the top at about 12:00 PM.


The plan for the trek was pretty much simple. We will leave in the morning reach the base village till 10 AM or 11 AM. Climb up the fort till 1:00 PM and then descend down in the evening. At start we were around 10 friends who planned to go on trek. I need to go to their house, but one of my friend visited my place. So I need to be at my house.

In the next morning I woke up early and called them. They replied that the plan got changed we are having slight delay. So at around 10 I went to their house. Expecting that they will be ready. But no they were still gathering item’s to be used for the trekking. I went to their room and came to know that typically five person have dropped the plan of trekking and we are not sure if they will be going or not.

So they came around and cooked some food till the time I checked some office mail’s of my friend’s Lappy. I also took a small amount of sleep also.

We were ready at around 2:30 PM. As they were packing the bags with foods and other item’s I got a call from my friend that he can also come. Now we were six person going on the trek.

  1. Myself
  2. Subho
  3. Ganesh
  4. Taman
  5. Koustav
  6. Sourav


Nothing went as we planned and we don’t know where we were heading. It was the first time we planned to trek some nearby areas and we did not know anything about that.

As we were ready for taking the shared auto to start the journey we have to wait for sometime for my friend Taman to come. Till the time he came we already lost some 30 valuable minutes. We took the shared auto at around 4:30 PM and reached the first stop where we need to change the auto for reaching the base village Aatkarwadi. We reached there somewhat around 8:00 PM.

We discussed what will be a suitable plan of action and agreed that it will be good if we bought some snacks and cold drinks there as we were short on water supply.

The Sinhagad was visible from the below, and the light from the mobile tower near that was also visible. We continued walking and after some time we were on the trekking route to the sinhagad. The condition of the route was not as good but it was still manageable.

The TREK:-

The trek was not as difficult but most of us were first timer. Initially the trek continues as a plain trek but slowly and slowly you need to climb some rocks. The nearer you go the more tough the way was. We are not fully prepared for the trek. We only have one small torchlight. The only good thing was that we have enough food . The cold drinks and snacks we bought were already over in half an hour.


Initially we were walking really casually we thought the entire way was as smooth as it initially looks like. So we were enjoying clicking pictures playing and cheering. But soon we realized that the way is still slightly tough. Some of us just got tired after the first set of rock we climbed. So we took slight rest at that time and had some food to get our energy back.

The background on the night was beautiful. You can see the entire PUNE city lights in the dark.


But now our speed got slow and all of us started to take the trek route and I was climbing small rock along the way. They all took the safest way and I used to took the shortest way and then wait for them to come. At one point I took the shortest way and reached a place where I can sit. But they all take some half an hour to reach at that place.

After that the climb was slightly tough specially at night maybe we took some wrong turn. We climbed some two or three rocks simultaneously. The stones on the way were also not so fixed and it take a lot of effort from us to reach on the route again.


After some more walking we were halfway through the way. It was almost over 11 and we all were hungry and tired. Also the fear of not reaching the top and losing our way was also there. As we walked more we reached a hut and in the night at 11:00 PM we have a glass of lemon water there. After asking the man how much more was still remaining. He told us it was still one and half hour journey.

So now all of us started walking fast as we all wanted to reach the top as soon as possible. Me and my friend Taman took some shortcut and we were way ahead of them on the way. So we took some rest and waited for them to come.


When other reached this place they all were tired. We took some rest there. After a 10 minute rest we started again. There were two way either to climb the rock or go along the trek route. I took the way to climb the rock and all the other took the safest way.

While they all were taking the safest way which is going zigzag. I started climbing the rock. After climbing some five to 10 meter I realized that the way forward was not made up of rocks. It was soil, not as fixed on which you can walk but now I cannot go back. I just climbed over that patch and hoped that “All is well”. After climbing that patch I found the road. That time I don’t know where am I. I was in middle of road with no money in the middle of night all alone and I don’t know the way to go.

There was a way above me and below also. I did not have the option of going down. The only option for me was to go up. So I went along the road. On the first turn I was able to see some vehicles and closed shops. I was not which place that was but I went ahead. And after crossing the way along the big rocks I was able to find the board showing the name “Sinhagad”.


I waited for all of them to come. We successfully climbed Sinhagad on the night. Our first night trek. All of us were tired and need to rest.


We searched for a empty hut in the locality nearby. But at the same time it started raining. Some how we were able to found a hut which was closed from three side. It was raining and it was cold.

All the other have come with enough of preparation. But me nad my friends were not. So after eating the food we sat there and we started to feel the cold. Now we only have found a spare sheeting. Me and my friend somehow manage to live in that night with only one shitting. It was still raining when we woke up in the morning.


The morning was awesome. After the rain stopped we went to see the places on the plateau. The feeling in the morning war great.

288154_3458362901975_738792175_o 411851_3458361661944_1950722654_o 241993_3453243934004_98107034_o 178766_3453242973980_697715871_o

After seeing the places in sinhagad and having morning tea and breakfast. We came back.


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