Lost in Rain !!

The Biodiversity of the trek route between Neral to Matheran make it an all-time favorite both with naturalists as well as outdoor enthusiasts.  To climb from Neral to Matheran maybe the pathways that lead away from the town into wilderness offer beautiful waking experiences.

Its best initiation to adventure for any trekker, but even the multitude of tree-lined.

                                                                                                            – Mountain Trekking


The climb of Matheran is best tackled in the months from November to March, when the weather is balmy. The trek is of 21 Km and is fairly moderate in terms of difficulty level.


  • One to climb up to Peb fort from Neral and then follow the railway line into the Matheran.
  • Another popular route start from Bhivpuri station and then goes via Thakurvadi up to the Garbett Plateau and finally into Matheran via Garbett Plateau.
  • From Chowk village , you can trek to Varosa village and then climb up to Matheran via Shivaji steps.

This trek was not planed, Usually most of our trip’s are not planned. The idea of the trek was suggested by one of my colleague Subho Sankar Basu, and i was ready in one second.

He showed me the link pasted below, and we followed the route as per described in there. Most of route details I am taking from that post.


For more check the post above .


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